The best Sushi of the city

Cuisine: Asian fusion, Japanese and Korean


At Sushi Yuki, we’ve been bringing fresh, creative, and delicious sushi to our customers since 2003. Fill up on your favorite classic roll, or try one of our exciting creations: Our menu has the variation to keep you coming back time and again. Our high-quality fish is prepared by passionate chefs who have dedicated their careers to the art of making sushi. Most importantly, we believe sushi is about gathering with the people you care about. As a family-owned and -operated business, we’re proud to have created an inviting atmosphere where your family becomes a part of ours.

The best Sushi of the city



Established in 2003.

Sushi Yuki has always been a family owned and operated restaurant and as management has changed as of May 2016, it is still family owned and operated. Originally from Seattle, we serve authentic Chicken Teriyaki that Seattle is known for with over 30+ years of experience. Stop on by and try our homemade kimchi as well! From our family to yours, we wish you good eating!

Culinary Team
Song & Cindy, Magical duo in our kitchen.

Sushi Chef Chang!

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